Clever, Very Clever

Research Photo

Perscitus Biotechnology, LLC was founded to develop and commercialize a novel chemoprotectant molecule as well as a redox-based protein assay. Both technologies are based on reactive oxygen biochemistry and represent significant breakthroughs in the applied use of these chemical reactions. Perscitus has two primary goals. The first is to synthesize, characterize, and test a novel chemoprotectant molecule based on the central role of glutathione in the cellular protection against a variety of stressors including chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Perscitus is also developing a novel protein proximity assay that allows for the isolation and purification of proteins in macromolecular assemblies that will be used in drug development.

Rampart Project

This molecule is a novel chemoprotectant that is selectively delivered to normal tissues and not to tumor tissue. This compound will render the patient's healthy cells less susceptible to the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy while conversely not protecting cancerous cells within the tumor. This treatment would be used in conjunction with cytotoxic chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy in the treatment of cancer patients and would be broadly applicable to most of these regimens. In addition to decreasing toxicity, this compound should also allow for the escalation of chemotherapy or radiation dose resulting in an improved therapeutic index and more effective treatments.

Shrapnel Project

Unraveling of the human genome has revealed a number of proteins important to human health, but whose function within the cell are unknown. The proposed technology allows for proteins associated with a protein of interest to be marked for identification and purification while associated within an intact cell. Understanding of these protein complexes will greatly increase our knowledge of disease processes and provide new treatment strategies.